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Fact-finding and assessment

  •  Environmental, law enforcement and other relevant experts will be engaged in on-the-ground fact-finding on the scope and effects of illegal logging activities in the subject countries, using standard information-gathering tools including observation, interviews, research, surveys etc. The resulting report will be a study of illegal logging in selected countries.
  • The report will be widely disseminated in electronic format.

Diagnostic audits/peer reviews

  • The REC will carry out a set of comprehensive diagnostic audits of the policy, institutional and legislative set-up in SEE countries and Ukraine in order to evaluate their capacities to address the issue of illegal logging according to international standards.  The diagnostic audits will be carried out on a country-by-country basis, with regional or bi-regional summaries. The country-based analysis will be prepared in cooperation with national experts.
  • The country studies and regional summary shall be widely disseminated in electronic format and will be available both in English and national languages. 
  • The results of the diagnostic audits will be used to focus international capacity-building efforts aimed at training field officers to detect environmental crimes and to implement enforcement actions.

Conferences and events

  • Meetings, conferences and events will be used to raise awareness of the problem of illegal logging at several stages during project implementation (e.g. a kick-off meeting to launch the project; a high-level international conference; side events at ministerial and other conferences; and a series of national consultations and sub-regional meetings).  A stock-taking meeting will be organised towards the conclusion of the project, at which further actions will be decided.
  • Efforts will be made to include partners and a steering group will be established.

Recent events

Conference on Illegal Logging and Environmental Crimes
Budapest, November 24-25, 2010





Ms. Aniko Nemeth
Project Manager, SEE Region

Tel: (+36 26) 504 095
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: anemeth@rec.org

Ms. Cécile Monnier
Project Manager, Ukraine

Tel: (+36 26) 504 094
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: cmonnier@rec.org

Mr. Mihail Dimovski
Project Director

Tel: (+36 26) 504 052
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Mobile: (+36 20) 383 9842
Email: mdimovski@rec.org


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