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Welcome to the home page of the project “Illegal logging in South Eastern Europe and Ukraine: Governance, Implementation, Enforcement”, implemented as part of the Environment and Security Initiative. This website provides a general overview of the project goals and activities, and information about its beneficiaries and partners.

Illegal logging is frequently associated with transnational organised crime, with breakdowns in institutional controls, and with ineffective institutions. Illegal trade in forest resources can increase tensions across borders and with the international community. The proceeds from illegal logging are often used to support other organised groups bent on creating instability in Eastern Europe, and in SEE countries in particular. The effects of illegal logging are wide ranging and include loss of habitats and biodiversity; the erosion and degradation of river basins and water quality; land degradation; desertification and climate change; social disruption; and economic impacts on tourism, recreation and communities with traditional lifestyles.

Under the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC), the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), in cooperation with the Federal Belgian Government and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), is implementing a project aimed at identifying actions to be taken in order to combat this form of environmental crime in South Eastern European countries and Ukraine, as well as at enhancing dialogue and cooperation between SEE countries.

Recent events

Conference on Illegal Logging and Environmental Crimes
Budapest, November 24-25, 2010





Ms. Aniko Nemeth
Project Manager, SEE Region

Tel: (+36 26) 504 095
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: anemeth@rec.org

Ms. Cécile Monnier
Project Manager, Ukraine

Tel: (+36 26) 504 094
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: cmonnier@rec.org

Mr. Mihail Dimovski
Project Director

Tel: (+36 26) 504 052
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Mobile: (+36 20) 383 9842
Email: mdimovski@rec.org


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