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The project aims to identify concrete actions by which key responsible actors can close the gaps in legislation, policy, implementation and enforcement in order to reduce or eliminate illegal logging in South Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

This goal will be achieved through the following main activities:

  • Assessing current forestry regimes in SEE countries and Ukraine; evaluating the magnitude and extent of illegal logging activities, the existing institutional structures, policy formation and implementation, resources and incentives, enforcement, corruption and legitimacy; and drawing conclusions and recommendations.
  • Identifying concrete actions to be taken.
  • Linking the current project with potential international training activities in the field of environmental crime.

Recent events

Conference on Illegal Logging and Environmental Crimes
Budapest, November 24-25, 2010





Ms. Aniko Nemeth
Project Manager, SEE Region

Tel: (+36 26) 504 095
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: anemeth@rec.org

Ms. Cécile Monnier
Project Manager, Ukraine

Tel: (+36 26) 504 094
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Email: cmonnier@rec.org

Mr. Mihail Dimovski
Project Director

Tel: (+36 26) 504 052
Fax: (+36 26) 311 294
Mobile: (+36 20) 383 9842
Email: mdimovski@rec.org


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